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F.T.M. was established in 1993 on a 600 square meters area as an automatic turning firm with a labour force  of 6 workers and a corporate structure that, with courage and conviction, have made available important resources that have created the grounds and the guarantee to put the project into effect.
The Company’s policy has always been based on dynamism, will to grow and customer satisfaction; these qualities have led to the creation of a second production unit in 2005 on a 700 square meters area, with a labour force of 5 workers, for mechanical processing with machining centres.
The steady evolution of the investments and, consequently, of every single division equipped with state-of-the-art machineries  has increased the production capacity keeping focus on quality;  thanks to the ability and the willpower of the technical staff together with the perfect harmony of intent with the management, in 2013, an ambitious resource optimization project has been implemented focusing on unproductive costs reduction and product/service improvement: such operation has led to the fusion of the two units into the present one.
Today FTM is located at a stretegic point of the logistical connections; its facilities are located within a 10.000 square meters area 5.000 of which are indoor; its labour force amounts to 100 workers and the corporate structure is the same as in 1993.
Quality  System is certified according to EN ISO 9001; the metrological lab carries out dimensional checks and through  specific statistical indicators (SPC) it monitors the whole production process; the chemical,  mechanical and physical analysis are carried out by certified external labs; when  necessary, thanks to a new optical selection technology,  we are able to satisfy any dimensional requirement.
FTM is very flexible, focused on customers’ needs satisfaction and able to supply a product of quality within planned times; FTM’s philosophy, focused on technological evolution, places FTM in a succesful position within the framework of industrial landscape.

FTM – Precision mechanics